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Have you ever questioned if your technicians have all the training they need? What about government regulations, could your company be exposed? Do your inspectors have the proper training and experience to legally inspect the systems that require a qualified technician?

Fleet Group, Inc. specializes in analyzing your training needs, which allows you to see what type of training each of your employees has had and what training is needed to fill the requirement. This information can assist you with job assignment, training schedules and will provide information on what repairs are performed and the training needed to responsibly repair those systems. Utilizing this information, Fleet Group can help you develop a customized training solution for your maintenance locations, and deliver that training right to your door.

We also offer a number of technical training programs that are ready to go. These are all part of our Fleet Maintenance Training Series that can be given “as-is” or be tailored to fit your organization’s individual needs. Fleet Group trainers have real world maintenance experience because all our trainers have worked in the field. Let’s just say we have a little grease under our fingernails and we know exactly what it is like to work in the shop.

Here is what we currently offer in the Fleet Maintenance Training Series:

  • Maintenance Process Evaluation
  • Operational best practices design
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • VMRS Implementation
  • New Parts Warranty Management
  • Replacement Parts Warranty Management
  • Part Inventory Analysis
  • Inventory Process Development
  • Part Master Clean Up
  • Storage Room Organization
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Systems Failure Analysis

Training like this has been proven to help fleet maintenance managers run their organizations more effectively. Leading to a more efficient cost per mile, increased warranty dollars, decreased tire costs, and improved inventory management. This training will also help meet the federal requirement for qualified inspector and repair for those systems that require it.

If you want training that is not listed, Fleet Group can develop a custom training package to meet your needs. If you would rather not have the generic training listed above we can customize that as well. Contact us for more information.

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