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As many fleet managers know, it can be very difficult to determine technical training needs and even more difficult to justify the expenses for formal training. We have decided to help give you an idea of the need for training by providing these assessment tests. By no means do we feel this is all that is needed to determine what you company needs in the way of training. However, its a good place to start.

Fleet Group can produce testing for you company. As with these assessment tests the results can be recorded. Please contact us if this is something you feel would be beneficial for your company.

Free Maintenance Knowledge Assessments

Air Brake Systems Inspections

Basic Electrical

Battery, Cranking and Charging (coming soon)

Once we have the testing above testing loaded to the new website we will continue to develop more. Check back often as more quizzes are loaded.

Note: If you have included a valid email address, you will be sent the results of the assessment once it is submitted.

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