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  • Jerry Frech Diesel Laptops has developed a large parts cross reference called Truck Parts Cross and they are looking for feedback on how they can improve it. Check it out!
    Jun 10

  • Tim Schenk Jim Lana presented at the TMC Fleet Data Management&Cybersecurity Event and here is his summary. On June 26th I was asked to speak at the TMC Fleet Data Management & Cybersecurity Conference. It was held at ATA/TMC Headquarters in Arlington Va. There were around 100 attendees from all over the US and some from Canada. Most of them were the decision makers of their perspective companies. They came to hear about VMRS Coding and Cybersecurity strategies. I put on a presentation on how VMRS codes can be used to organize their parts rooms to make them more efficient and save them inventory dollars in possible duplicate parts in different parts of their Stock rooms. Others talked about how, through VMRS coding, we can compare our costs on repairs made outside of out shops, breakdowns. By comparing your costs with others with like vehicles and loads you can see if your costs are too high or you are doing the right thing and your costs are good, or acceptable. By comparing costs some fleets were able to now see where they were having issues and address them to get their costs in line and stop the bleeding. They mainly addressed 5 top system codes, they were 017 – Tires, 002 – Cab and sheet metal, 018 – wheels, rims, hubs and bearings, 043 – Exhaust and 034 – Lighting (not in that order). We also heard from the whole alphabet on what is happening in the Cybersecurity arena. We heard from the DHS, FBI, TSA, TMC/ATA and Auto – ISAC. I thought that we should be concerned about someone hacking into our vehicles but had no idea all of these departments were aggressively working on policies and procedures on how to deal and prevent this from happening. And they said they were working together on this. All in all it was a very informative event.
    Jul 1

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    Nov 7