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Fleet Group, Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide a much needed alternative to the consulting services being offered to the transportation leasing and maintenance industry. The goal and driving force is to remain competitively priced while still providing the cutting edge leadership needed in this industry. Fleet Group is designed to provide expert fleet management consulting services in the effective use of information and technology.

Our staff has more than 70 years of combined experience with fleet computer systems, and over 100 years of combined technical maintenance and fleet management experience. That means Fleet Group can apply innovative ideas and advanced techniques to any fleet maintenance software deployment or maintenance training program. Whether the project is a new implementation or an upgrade/re-configuration to an existing system, we will ensure the result is a computer system that is as efficient and easy to use as possible. To further assist with the successful rollout, Fleet Group can provide contract training solutions that range from delivery of client programs to full scale training analysis, design, development and delivery.


All of our consultants are Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) and can deliver the training your organization needs—when and where you need it. Fleet Group consultants have developed and delivered training programs ranging from computerized maintenance software to management and technician training. What this means to you, the client, is that Fleet Group can supply innovative ideas, advanced techniques, and business solutions to any training program that will affect your business performance where it matters the most—the bottom line.


“After the purchase of a fleet software product, we needed assistance in realizing the full functionality of the software. I once again contacted and we retained Fleet Group to help create a more user friendly system and enable it to work at its full potential to allow for necessary reporting. FGI has compiled a very professional group of personnel that represent a wealth of knowledge. They are outgoing, showed understanding interpersonal skill and professionalism. You have a great group of associates. They work hard and get things accomplished. Sometimes people can work hard but never accomplish anything, but your people do both. I have nothing but praise for the employees of FGI.”

Perry Nuccio, Suntory Water Group

"Fleet Group put together a one day PM Workshop that not only addressed all of my concerns, but covered additional material that has helped all my techs perform their jobs better. The course was held at my locations and consisted of classroom and hands-on training. They used my trucks (which was an eye-opener for everyone) to do the hands-on portion of the class. My technicians were even trained to perform certain parts of the inspection in a specific order to speed up the process. This makes some of the checks easier to do by eliminating unnecessary steps. After the class, I talked with several of my techs to get their thoughts on the training and without exception; each one told me how good the class was and suggested that anyone who performs preventative maintenance inspections should go to this class."

John Murphy, Interstate Nationalease

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