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Fleet Maintenance Training Series - Air Brake Systems Minimize

Truck Air Brake System Training

This training is delivered in two formats, as a closed training session, or as a open seminar.

  • Closed training session - We come to your facilities and train only your employees the class size for this type of in-depth training is a maximum of 8
  • Open seminar - We give this training in meeting rooms around the country and anyone with an interest to learn truck air systems can register to attend. Watch our seminar schedule box on this web page for new sessions being announced every month. The seminars are limited to 15 attendees

Course Summary

Air Brake System Training is a progressive and thorough learning experience. The course begins with a study of the basic factors and physics of vehicle braking. Participants are then introduced to the fundamentals air and spring dynamics. This initial theory allows the participant to easily and quickly understand the remainder of this highly comprehensive training course, as it explains and demonstrates the function and testing of an entire air brake system.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Air Brake Systems

  • Basic Physics of Vehicle Motion and Braking
  • Drum Brakes - Principal Components and Basic Operation
  • Brake Fade (A Drum Brake Phenomenon)
  • Basic Air Dynamics (Pneumatics)
  • Spring Dynamics
  • Air Brakes - Basic Operation
  • Brake Lag and Stopping Distance
  • Air Brake System Divisions
  • Air Brake System Configuration Variables

2. Safety

  • Compressed Air, DANGER
  • Compressed Spring, DANGER
  • Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Safety

3. Service Brake Chambers, Slack Adjusters and Foundation Brakes

  • Service Brake Chambers - How they work, Component Identification and Operation
  • Brake Chamber Sizes and Effective Diaphragm Areas
  • Converting Air Pressure into Mechanical Force (Area X Pressure = FORCE)
  • Brake Chamber Size, Markings, Outside Diameter (OD) and Adjustment Limits
  • Brake Chamber Stroke vs. Application Force
  • Slack Adjuster Types (Manual & Automatic)
  • S-Cam Brake - Component Identification and Operation

4. Supply System

  • Supply System - Introduction and Overview
  • Air Compressor Component Identification and Operation
  • Air Dryer Types
  • Desiccant Air Dryer - Component Identification and Operation
  • Supply Tank & Service Reservoirs
  • Governor
  • One-way Check Valve
  • Safety Valve (Over-Pressure Relief Valve)
  • Drain Valves (Manual and Automatic)
  • Air Pressure Gauges
  • Low Air Pressure Warning Devices
  • Supply System Operation
  • Pressure Ranges and Rise Times

5. The Service Brake System

  • Basic Service Brake System - Component Identification
  • Brake Control and Synchronization (Quick Release and Relay Valves)
  • Treadle Valve - Component identification and Operation
  • Brake Pedal Feel (Feedback)
  • Primary (Rear) Relay Valve
  • Secondary (Front) Quick Release Valve
  • Brake Light Switches
  • Service Brake System Operation

6. The Spring Brake System (Park / Emergency Brakes)

  • Spring Brake System - Introduction and Principal Components
  • Double Check Valve Design and Operation (Shuttle-type)
  • Park / Emergency Brake Control Valve Operation
  • Spring Brake Chamber - Component Identification and Operation
  • Spring Brake System (Basic) with Quick Release Valve
  • Spring Brake System with Relay Valve
  • Brake Compounding
  • Basic Anti-Compounding Circuit (with Standard Spring Brake Relay)
  • Anti-Compounding Circuit (with Anti-Compounding Spring Brake Relay)
  • Service Brake Application Force vs. Spring Brake Application Force
  • Manual Spring Brake Caging

7. The Tractor Protection and Trailer Supply System

  • Tractor Protection and Trailer Supply System – Introduction
  • Trailer Air Supply Circuit - Component Identification
  • Trailer Air Supply Valve - Basic Function
  • Combination Tractor Park and Trailer Air Supply Valves
  • Tractor Protection Valve
  • Trailer Supply and Spring Brake System Operation (Tractor Section)

8. Air Brake System Inspection, Maintenance and Testing

  • Visual Inspections:
    • Introduction and Personal Safety Equipment (In Pre-Engine-Start Procedures)
    • Compressor Inspection
    • Air Tanks, Lines and Fittings, Gladhands
    • Foundation Brakes
    • Pre-Test Preparations (Before Starting the Vehicle)
  • Air System Functional Tests:
    • Initial Pressure Build and Retention
    • Tractor Park (spring brake) System
    • Tractor Service Brake System (and Tractor Protection Valve)
    • Low Air Warning System
    • Pressure Rise-Time Recovery (85 - 100 PSI) and Governor Cut-Out
    • Pressure Rise-Time Recovery
    • Governor Cut-Out
    • Compressor Cut-in
    • Supply and Service Reservoir Draining
    • Tractor Park and Service Brake Dynamic Tests
    • Trailer Supply, Spring and Service Brakes
    • Trailer Spring and Service Brake Dynamic Tests

9. Simple Troubleshooting Techniques

Course Deliverables

Following the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic pneumatic air system principals
  • Demonstrate an understanding of air system precautions and safety
  • Understand the basic functions of an Brake Air System
  • Identify each air component and understand its function
  • Identify and properly use required air brake testing tools
  • Read Basic air system schematic
  • Understand and demonstrate brake air system component test procedures
Truck Air Brake System Seminar Schedule Minimize
If interested in this training and don't see a city near you listed please call 866-556-0412



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