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Parts Room Organization
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Is this your Inventory?
There are several good reasons a client might contact Fleet Group, Inc to conduct parts training or to assist in properly organizing their parts rooms in order to gain control of their inventory: 
  • The primary reason a client retains our services is in preparation for implementation of software.
  • The second most frequent reason is they have a new Parts Manager that has minimal experience in Parts Management.
  • Other reasons include large variances in inventory, min/max levels have not been established and implemented and identification of obsolescent parts. 
We conduct an in-depth look at our clients’ parts inventories and parts room set-ups. We then incorporate the following to ensure the end result is a properly functioning parts room/inventory. First we will determine a strategy with the client’s participation in order for Fleet Group, Inc. and our client to agree on the scope of the project which will include one or more of the following: 
1.       Identify obsolete and used parts
2.       Rearrange clients’ parts rooms to make it easier to locate parts
3.       Assist in the set up of a Special Order Parts Bins
4.       Assist in the set up a parts return bin
5.       Assist in the setup of a core return bin
6.       Assist in setting up Min and Max levels on the most common parts
7.       Assist in returning over stock items
8.       Assist in arranging better pricing
9.       If client is going to an automated system we will document all of your parts by part number, description, and location in the parts room.
10.     Depending on clients’ reconciliation requirement, assist in the assignment of ABC codes in order to perform cycle counts.  
Because every parts room is different, the time it will take to perform these tasks will vary. Typically, the client can expect the following average times as a rough estimate:
For items 1 – 5, the average is 100 SKU per day
For items 6 – 9, the average is 15 SKU per day

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